Our Super Power Is Aligning Sales And Marketing To Get Bottom Line Results.

Need help Attracting or converting customers online?

Our Goal Is To Generate More Valuable Clicks And Conversions For You.

Designing experimentation programs and optimizing websites for more traffic, leads and engagement is what we love to do!

What Do WE DO?

We Help Growing Companies To Achieve Digital Marketing Sales Success!

Leveraging our skills in multiple marketing disciplines, we help our clients to increase coordination between the marketing and sale.

Conversion Research

Identify the website issues that prevent prospects and existing clients from taking action

Testing Strategies

Develop hypotheses and run test to optimize your website for higher conversions

Web Usability

Ensure digital assets meet user needs to effectively support the buyer’s journey

Response Marketing

Apply behavioral marketing strategies designed to elicit an immediate response from visitors

Sales Copywriting

Write persuasive, engaging online sales copy to educate and attract your ideal buyers

Customer Acquisition

Increase lead volume and conversion rates while controlling cost per lead.

So Why Choose E-Vantage Digital?

We Deliver The Ideas And Execution You Need To You Capture More Of Your Market And Win!

To get ahead of rising advertising cost, customer expectations, and explosive growth in competing businesses, your organization needs a competitive “e-vantage” —  a robust marketing strategy and fresh ideas to help you navigate the changing digital landscape and achieve business goals.

Achieve Revenue Goals

We Are Your

Revenue Marketing Strategist

We implement proven strategic processes that focuses all digital marketing activities on discovering, engaging, and converting ideal customers to achieve revenue, profitability and client engagement goals. 

Streamline your customer's online sales journey from brand awareness to brand loyalty

Increase coordination between digital marketing, web development and sales teams

Efficiently, and predictably, drive revenue despite rising customer acquisition cost

We Are Your

Conversion Optimization Specialist

We optimize web pages and run experiments that help companies to attract new leads, convert high quality prospects and retain more customers to grow and sustain the business.

Create high performing web pages that are effective at getting visitors to take action

Turn your analytics data into actionable insights that enable you to capitalize on web traffic and better allocate ad spend

Build new internal marketing capabilities for designing, prototyping and testing digital assets

We Are Your

Digital Marketing Advisor

We advise businesses leaders on their path to digital marketing optimization providing insight and direction to align teams around clear goals and sound implementation plans.

Get clarity on where to focus your time, talent and resources at this stage in your business journey

Build your knowledge of how digital marketing works, what's changing and what the implications are for you

Gain a fresh, new perspective on what is truly possible for your organization when you truly leverage the power of digital

Ready To Hit Your TargetS?

We Have The Expertise You Need To Capture More of Your Market And Win!

Get to know us and see for yourself:



Frequently Asked Questions

On each project, we collaborate with a team of 2 – 5 clients who manage various marketing and sales activities. We develop a detailed plan to help these cross-functional client teams to achieve a specific goal. Dotted lined into the CEO and reporting directly to the Chief Marketing Officer or Senior Vice President of Sales, our experts are 100% accountable for our project timelines, deliverables and results.  Our consulting model is perfect for any organization looking to build and strengthen the marketing function.

We believe timely decision making, excellent teamwork and consistent accountability are the keys to successful project delivery. We work independently to execute on project tasks. Then, we meet with clients weekly via video conference call to report on status, gather client input, and discuss next steps. As a client, you will always have access to your dedicated digital marketer via phone, email and SMS.

Engagements range from 6 – 8 months. However, 94% of our clients enjoy our service so much they renew, return or simply continue working with us year after year.  Our clients enjoy our focus on results, collaborative consulting style and flexible contract terms.

Projects are priced based on the scope of work involved. To understand how much you may need to invest in digital marketing services, schedule a discovery call to help us understand your needs. 

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