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Need Help Attracting, Converting Or Retaining Clients?

There’s A Better Way To Grow Online — It’s Called E-Vantage Digital.

No it’s not some new software … It’s a proven digital transformation process. Our experts will take you from concept to conversion. We’ll help you to build the unique set of marketing capabilities in customer acquisition, conversion optimization, and website experimentation that you need to reach higher levels of sales success online!

Improve Ad Campaigns

Create Click Worthy Campaigns To Accelerate Client Acquisition

Develop persuasive offers that drive a steady stream of ideal prospects to a high converting sales page.

Increase Web Conversions

Capitalize On Your Web Traffic To Increase Leads And Sales

Improve site layout and landing page design to increase conversions and reduce your cost per lead.

Retain More Clients

Improve Client Engagement To Reduce Customer Churn

Adopt integrated strategies to build loyalty, reduce attrition and increase repeat purchase.

What Do People say?

This Makes Us Want To Crush
More Goals Every Day!

Earl Jenkins
Earl Jenkins
CEO & Inventor,
Core Champion
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"We hired E-Vantage Digital to help us launch our initiative. It was a great experience! Nadia is tenacious and very timely and knowledgeable of her expertise. She helped us to launch and strengthen key marketing processes. I’m grateful for that and I recommend E-Vantage Digital for any project one would have concerning digital marketing."
Justin Hanneken
Justin Hanneken
Executive Director,
Ends of The Earth Cycling
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"In my humble opinion, Nadia went above and beyond designing our new website. Thank you for being so good to us, generous and kind.  I hope to do some more things with E-Vantage Digital in the future.  Thank you for helping us create an affiliate partnership with Pura Vida Coffee.  Thank you for teaching us all kinds of things that we needed to sharpen/tweak." 
Jayson Simonson
Jayson Simonson
Chief Resource Officer,
New International
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"Nadia, your  flexibility, intelligence, and expertise are so rare. During a major organizational transition, you gave us the tools, guidance, and direct support to perform with excellence while staying within our time table. The services at E-Vantage Digital are worth far more than what you charge. Thank you for your passion, knowledge, and marketing strategy. We could not have done this well without you."
John Caraccio
John Caraccio
President & CEO,
World Gym Taiwan
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"E-Vantage Digital has been indispensable in helping our company redesign and relaunch our website. From understanding the needs of each department, to implementing a comprehensive and detailed plan, to execution, E-Vantage Digital has exceeded our expectations. The service has been highly attentive to our digital marketing needs and very organized and detail oriented in execution."
James Reinhardt
James Reinhardt
Fish Restoration Coordinator,
NOAA Office of Habitat Conservation
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"The breadth of knowledge about digital marketing was apparent and I was quite impressed with Nadia’s ability to learn about a niche conservation topic. I have very little experience with digital agencies. We have operated more inhouse. The outside perspective is very useful in that it offers a new perspective and focus and helps prevent programs from just doing more of the same."
John Hupalo
John Hupalo
Invite Education
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"Invite Education renewed its interest in supercharging a website for one of our dormant business lines. Our initial conversation with Nadia was awesome. Within a week, she and her colleagues provided a concise but comprehensive assessment of our website and social media strategy. Unlike other service providers, E-Vantage Digital approached us as a partner, not a vendor. We were very satisfied with the process and results."
Morgan Roahrig
Morgan Roahrig
Director of Operations,
New International Family Partners
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"Nadia is the real deal. She took our nebulous ideas and turned them into beautiful, direct, engaging content that was easy for donors to understand. I would definitely recommend a short engagement with E-Vantage Digital, especially for launching a new element or making a change. Up to this point we've done everything on our own without any professional guidance. Having Nadia's professional touch made a huge difference."

So, Why E-Vantage Digital?

Let’s Face It — You Can't Do The Same Things Over And Over ... And Expect A Different Result.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it’s not what you build (landing pages, social profiles, blog posts) or how you build it (websites, funnels, groups) … it’s your ability to get results that counts.

And That’s Where Our Proven Digital Transformation Approach Comes In — Creating The New Conditions For Sales Success!

Unlike traditional digital marketing methods which focus on strategy and tactics … our digital transformation approach is a peak performance process that builds your organization’s marketing muscles. Working side by side with your team, we’ll help you to develop the capabilities to execute with clarity while also getting you incredible results!
E-Vantage Digital_Build A Strong Marketing Function

Digital Transformation Is The Key To Gaining A Competitive E-Vantage In Marketing Today.

Markets are continually changing and you must change as well to win. The time to accelerate and excel is now. To gain momentum you need to transform the marketing function and build sophisticated capabilities to grow and sustain your business online. This is the next critical step — and this is the moment. The question is: are you willing to change? Do you want to win? 

Ready To Hit Your Growth Targets?

We Have The Expertise You Need To Get Results Over The Goal Line!

Get to know us and see for yourself:

Client Results
We're Proud Of


Increase in conversions


Increase in leads


Increase in email open rates

*Average client results as of March 2024

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Our Proven Approach Will Accelerate
Your Growth (In Just 6 Months).

Here are a few of the wins that we can help you to achieve:

Attract More Visitors

Optimize Across Channels To Reach Bigger Audiences

Discover how multiple marketing channels can work together more efficiently to boost awareness and sales.

Reduce Cost Per Lead

Turn Data Into Insights And Spend Less To Acquire Leads

Focus on the most important metrics for optimizing advertising budgets to better allocate resources and reduce cost per lead.

Reduce Customer Churn

Enhance User Experience To Reduce Customer Attrition

Move more ideal customers along their journey to brand loyalty increasing customer lifetime value and marketing ROI.

This Next Level Marketing Isn’t For Everyone:

This Service Is Only For Serious CEOs And Savvy CMOs Who Constantly Level Up.

If that sounds like you, then you know what to do (click the button):

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